One Dance UK

One Dance UK is the national body for dance in the United Kingdom. It is a one-stop shop for dance, providing advocacy, championing dancers’ health, running professional networks, and professional development programmes, producing events and performance platforms that bring the public closer to the artform. It creates opportunities for talent development and offers support and resources for professional teachers, dancers, choreographers, managers and others working in dance.

Its strength and direction comes from its membership of nearly 2,000 individual, company and educational members who represent diverse dance forms and occupations. With this authority, One Dance UK works to improve the conditions in which dance is learned, created, developed, performed and experienced and strives to raise the profile of dance to make it a cherished and valued activity in the cultural life of UK society.

Its activities help to strengthen the dance workforce; offer national opportunities for children and young people to participate in dance and develop their talent; and invest in support for dance artists from diverse styles, with a particular focus on dance of the African Diaspora, and on teachers and organisations across the United Kingdom, identifying particular areas where dance is isolated.

One Dance UK's work has a wide reaching impact across the arts and dance sector in particular. Beneficiaries are the 40,000 artists and individuals who work professionally in dance, and more than four million adults and children who participate in dance and watch performances annually.